How to Prepare for Flowerhorn Breeding

After some time keeping louhans, hobbyists usually find themselves asking if they would like to try flowerhorn breeding. Contrary to the notion that flowerhorn breeding is hard, the truth is it's quite simple if you have prepared well for it.

In this article, I will discuss some of the flowerhorn breeding tips to prepare your fish for the main mating day.

Kok Genes: The Secret for Flowerhorn Head Growth

Every flowerhorn hobbyist’s goal is to make his flowerhorn cichlid develop a large kok. This is because the size its head is the single biggest determinant of quality and in many cases, its value. Below are some of the flowerhorn head growth secrets you should know as a hobbyist:

The Flowerhorn Kok Gene
The kok gene is the only factor that determines whether a louhan's head will develop into a large one. Without it, nothing you can do that will improve the kok size. The key here is to be able to determine whether your fish has it or not.