How to Care for Scared Flowerhorns

Male cichlids with developed nuchal humps are those that have established their dominance over an area.

The same is true with flowerhorn cichlids. Only when a male flowerhorn has completely established dominance over a territory will the development of kok starts. This is the main reason why you should never put a small fish alongside a larger one.

While louhans are generally aggressive, there are those that are scared of anything that moves. Here are the things you can do to help this kind of fish:

1. Relocate the fish tank somewhere it is less disturbed. You may also cover its tank with some old newspapers as an alternative if you are not able to find a more suitable place.

2. Do not feed the young fishes unless it comes to you first. Flowerhorns are naturally voracious. Use their appetite to make them more comfortable in the open.

3. Put some hiding places in its tank. Letting your fish in the open while scared will just cause it more trauma.

5. Put a small mirror in one side of the tank to induce the fish fight his own reflection. Move the mirror side to side and let your flowerhorn chase it.

6. Matured territorial cichlids need at least 3 feet of space.  Do not skimp on tank size.