Best Aquarium Light for Flowerhorn Fish

Proper aquarium lighting is essential if your flowerhorn is to achieve its full potential. A good lighting promotes better health that will in turn enhance head growth. Seasoned hobbyists would also readily agree that lighting somehow makes its color shine brighter.

The Natural Daylight
Natural daylight is the best form of lighting for flowerhorns. It is noted that it helps improve the color brightness of these fishes. It is therefore advised to place your tank where it would receive an ample amount of daylight.
Direct sunlight, however, should be avoided. It promotes algae growth, results to sudden water temperature fluctuations, and may cause discomfort to the fish.

Artificial Lighting
In times when your louhan is not receiving enough INDIRECT sunlight, it is essential to supplement it with artificial lighting.

Cool daylight fluorescent lamps are the standard and ideal form of lighting. Many hobbyists prefer cool daylight, which produces a somewhat light pink light, over pure white or light blue. Pure white or light blue, most of the time, are too bright and may cause discomfort. Cool daylight lamp also enhances the red tones of louhans which is ideal when taking pictures.

LED aquarium lighting may also be used as long as its light is not too strong. Lights that are too bright can lead to timid or scared flowerhorns.

Aquarium Lights to Avoid
Aquarium lights that are intended for styling purposes only should not be used as the primary source of light for your fish. You may use it if you really want to, but your cichlid is better off without it.

The Ideal Amount of Lighting
An average of 12 hours of illumination is optimum in keeping your flowerhorn healthy. As important as the need for proper lighting, your fish is better rested when light is out.

Light Position
Position aquarium lights six inches above water level. This prevents light that is too bright from putting your fish under unnecessary stress. Make sure that it is positioned in such as way that it is unlikely to fall into the flowerhorn tank when accidentally bumped while you feed your fish.