5 Best Flowerhorn Breeding Tips You Should Know

Flowerhorn Breeding Tips to Improve Performance

There are countless flowerhorn breeding tips and techniques, but only a few of them really matters. In this article, let us limit our discussion to the top five flowerhorn breeding tips. They are the following:

1. Use High Quality Parent Flowerhorns

If you want high quality results, it is logical that you should use the best materials you can find. Do not fall into the trap of breeding low quality flowerhorns expecting that high quality fry will come out of it. 
If you want to breed for fun, you may use average quality breeders. However, if you are really serious in producing high quality flowerhorns, invest in high quality breeders.

2. Properly Prepare Your Flowerhorn Breeders
This flowerhorn breeding tip significantly improves hatching rate. Be sure to allow at least 15 days before you introduce your breeders to each other. During that time, feed them frequently in small portions.
After the breeding program, allow your flowerhorns some time off before you breed them again. More details flowerhorn breeding preparation.

3. Use the Appropriate Tank Size for Breeding

Flowerhorns become more aggressive when mating. To reduce the risk of injury, provide them enough room. I recommend using a 50-gallon tank as a minimum requirement. If you have a 4-feet tank (around 70 gallons in capacity), use it. More tips of tank sizes.

4. Properly Cull Your Fry

Most inexperienced flowerhorn breeders are puzzled how successful ones manage to produce only high quality output. The secret may just be that they do not show you the undesirable ones.
For an average fry population of 1,000, I would say that only around 50 (5%) of those are good quality. When the fry community is two months old, I normally would have culled half of them already. Before they reach 3 months old, you could no longer see any low quality flowerhorn in my tanks.

5. Never Give Up

It is seldom that a newbie breeder succeeds on his first try. If you think you have done everything to ensure success, it would not be long before you are rewarded. It could be just that your breeders were not yet ready.  Just keep on going.

Flowerhorn breeding is not an innate talent nor is it mystical; it is a skill developed through persistence. Incidentally, it is also a very fulfilling activity for hardcore hobbyists. Good luck!